Three’s Company at Agua Caliente Park

Twins and a squishy baby? It doesn’t get much better than that! How adorable is this sweet family?!!



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Reid Park Sunshine {Tucson Family Photographer}

This is one of my all-time favorite families! Two awesome parents, two awesome boys. Such a pleasure to capture their love on camera! Believe it or not, this session was shot all the way back on December 31st! Yep, this is what Tucson looks like on December 31st. Kinda makes you want to move here, doesn’t it? (Just stay inside June-August.)



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3-year Portraits {Child Photography}

I love this little girl!!! Got the opportunity to photograph my beautiful niece over our Christmas vacation. We had fun feeding the ducks and looking at the animals at this gorgeous farm location. So much personality packed into this tiny person – I feel so lucky to get to watch her grow!

WEB-6729 WEB-6738BW WEB-6761 WEB-6819BW WEB-6832 WEB-6872 WEB-6884 WEB-6914 WEB-6931 WEB-6936 WEB-6958 WEB-6963 WEB-6971BW WEB-6983

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Sabino Canyon at Sunset {Tucson Child and Family Portraits}

This absolutely charming family was a joy to work with! We had a blast walking through beautiful Sabino Canyon on a (rare for Tucson) chilly December day.

I love when children really show me their personalities – Big Brother was an outgoing goofball while Little Brother was a bit more reserved at first, but when we finally got that shy smile it was so worth it! An athletic family of runners (triathletes, even!!) they wanted to run for some of the pictures and I was happy to capture that! They are near superheroes in my opinion. :) They also loved their final pictures and have been very supportive of me – thanks so much!! I love when that happens. :)

Guerrero-5843 WEB-Guerrero-5831 Guerrero-6061 Guerrero-5865 WEB-Guerrero-6199 WEB-Guerrero-6469 Guerrero-5990_BW Guerrero-6086 WEB-Guerrero-6084 Guerrero-5915 Guerrero-5933_BW Guerrero-5872 WEB-Guerrero-6241 WEB-Guerrero-6065 WEB-Guerrero-6192 WEB-Guerrero-6153_BW Guerrero-6445 Guerrero-6463 WEB-Guerrero-6397 WEB-Guerrero-6360 WEB-Guerrero-6524


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Fun at Agua Caliente Park ~ {Tucson Family Pictures}

I had a blast with this family at Agua Caliente Park! The kids climbed trees and giggled together. What awesome siblings. This very creative young lady had lots of ideas for poses and was a fantastic subject. Maybe she’s looking to intern… :)
















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Rosy Glow ~ {Tucson Family Photographer}

Such a joy to watch little girls frolic and twirl in their pretty skirts… while feverishly shredding pink flowers. Such a lovely family and a beautiful afternoon shoot! WEB-Howell-Welle-2608 WEB-Howell-Welle-2611 WEB-Howell-Welle-2621 WEB-Howell-Welle-2707 WEB-Howell-Welle-2751 WEB-Howell-Welle-2787 WEB-Howell-Welle-2812 WEB-Howell-Welle-2829 WEB-Howell-Welle-2854 WEB-Howell-Welle-2871 WEB-Howell-Welle-2915 WEB-Howell-Welle-2939 WEB-Howell-Welle-2951 WEB-Howell-Welle-2969 WEB-Howell-Welle-2979 WEB-Howell-Welle-3012 WEB-Howell-Welle-3071 WEB-Howell-Welle-3123 WEB-Howell-Welle-2984 WEB-Howell-Welle-3057

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Pretty in Pink

This is officially The Pink Session! Two beautiful little girls in pretty pink dresses, playing with (and shredding) a bouquet of pink flowers, in gorgeous pink sunset light. Altogether lovely.


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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… WEBSITE!!!


[No, we’re not trying to escape a wildfire here – we’re actually reaching for the moon, at sunset (one of the boys’ favorite things to do these days due to an Eric Carle book, Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me).]

I am SO happy to announce the GRAND OPENING of my website and Facebook page!

It’s been a long (loooong) time coming, but huzzah! It’s done! For now, anyway. Ahem.

So…. enjoy!! Peruse the galleries, leave me (hopefully glowing) comments, share with your friends, on Facebook or even (gasp) by that old fashioned “word of mouth” thingy. And most importantly, let me take your picture!! :)

Oh, and welcome to my world! :)



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Where Sky Meets Water


Taken at Vincent Lake, Wisconsin, at my Aunt’s beautiful cabin.

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Hello world!


I am a Tucson-based, natural-light photographer who specializes in family portraits and fine art photography. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a session!

Phone:  520-245-2648



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